Saturday, July 5, 2008

Family history

Alakkattu Chevvoor (Alakkattoor) is located at Cherusseri, Thaikkattusseri (PO), Trichur Dt., Kerala. Originally, it is said that there were 41 Chevvoor families. So far we could get information about 4 families, Alakkadu, Pozhiyil, Mathoor & Meppuliyedam. Out of this Alakkattoor & Pozhichoor exists even now. Mathoor Chevvoor alias Maattichoor got extinct around 65 years back. Meppuliyedathu Chevvoor was east to current Pozhichoor Tharvadu and a member does yearly pooja at their ancestral family property where some Brahmarakshas & dieties still exist.It also believed there prominent families of Central Kerala , Desamngalam, Vadakkiniyedam & Kirangattu roots traces to three Chevvoor families viz. Pozhichoor, Meppiliyedathu Chevvoor & Mattichoor.Chevvor Narayanamangalam is the family temple of these families.Earliest known individual in Alakkattoor family is a Nambiathan Chomathiri (S/o. Damodaran Alakkattoor). As far as we know he had three sons viz. Damodaran, Vasudevan & Nambiathan. There might have been atleast three sisters to him. There were married of to Vaidikan Kaplingadu, Thekkedathu Perumpadappu & Akkarachittoor.

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